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Since June 2017, the Town of Sidney has been proud to partner with Modo to bring carsharing to Sidney residents and businesses.


What is Carsharing?

Carsharing is a convenient and affordable alternative to private car ownership. It can be viewed similar to a short-term car rental, where members can book vehicles in the provider’s fleet for a desired period of time (i.e. hourly, daily or even weekly use). Carsharing is great for people who choose not to own their own vehicle but may need one occasionally, need a second vehicle to supplement their household, or for those who would like occasional access to a vehicle of a different type than they use day-to-day (e.g. a truck or van). It’s also a great compliment to walking, cycling and public transit.


Modo in Sidney

Anyone can become a member of Modo and book one of the three vehicles located in downtown Sidney:

Modo RAV4
  • A Toyota RAV4 hybrid electric SUV
    Located on Third Street between Beacon & Sidney Avenues by the entrance to the Third Street parking lot
Modo Honda Fit
  • A fuel efficient Honda Fit compact car
    Located on Fourth Street next to the Town Hall
 *Photo coming soon*
  • A white 4-door Hyundai Elantra
    Located on Third Street at the corner of Third and Bevan Ave

Members can book a minute or a year in advance, for a minimum of 30-minutes, and in 15-minute increments thereafter. Bookings can be made from anywhere and at any time, by computer, telephone, or smartphone app. Modo is two-way carsharing – vehicles are always picked up and returned to the same parking location.


Modo Membership Benefits

In addition to the three vehicles in Sidney, members can also book:

  • 50+ vehicles in the greater Victoria area
  • Modo vehicles stationed at all four major ferry crossings - Swartz Bay Terminal (Sidney/Victoria), Tsawwassen Terminal (Vancouver), Horseshoe Bay Terminal (Vancouver), & Departure Bay Terminal (Nanaimo)
  • Any of Modo's 600+ vehicles across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan.

Through Modo’s network, Sidney residents and businesses now have access to affordable, convenient and sustainable transportation when they need it, without the hassle and cost of car ownership.

With over 600 cars, SUVs, trucks, cargo vans, hybrids and EVs – serving more than 20,000 individual and 800 business members – Modo affords all the benefits of having a car, without all the hassles and expense of owning one (or two).

For more information, please visit Modo's website at www.modo.coop.