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Business Stats

Explore this page to learn more about the Town's commercial vacancy rates, business statistics, and pedestrian count data.

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Commercial Vacancy Snapshots

The EDC undertakes a survey of downtown occupancy/vacancy rates on a periodic basis. The chart below shows the change in these statistics over the course of the 5 surveys completed to date. There is no exact guidance about what level of available space is ideal, but it is believed that a commercial vacancy rate between 5% and 7% is indicative of a fairly healthy situation. There is some available space for relocation, expansion or business attraction.

  • Vacancy by Units is just that; the number of vacant spaces in the downtown area.
  • Vacancy by Square Footage is a better indication of how much vacant space there is in the downtown. One small retail space does not equal one large service establishment; counting the number of vacant units only would overstate the vacancy situation.
  • Vacant Square Footage without Redevelopment takes the analysis one step further, by removing any spaces that are not “occupiable” because they are undergoing or about to undergo development. Leaving these spaces in the snapshot would overstate the amount of available space.
  • Vacancy by Square Footage Beacon Avenue focuses on the Beacon Avenue corridor only, as this is the most visible area within downtown. The square footage indicated is measured without the “redevelopment” properties.


Vacancy Snapshot September 2018


Interested to know where currently available commercial space may be located? Please follow this link to Sidney's SpaceList page, where property owners and realtors are encouraged to provide information on available spaces. Please note that this may not be a complete list; you are advised to consult a local commercial realtor for additional information.


Business Breakdowns

The following charts break down the types of businesses located in the downtown according to a variety of criteria. These breakdowns are based on the Sept. 27, 2017 data, but will be updated periodically.

Number of Businesses by Type  

Business Space Allocation  

Types of Business by Square Footage  

Businesses by Ownership Type  

Business Square Footage by Ownership Type


Town of Sidney Pedestrian Counters

The Town of Sidney has pedestrian counters installed in 4 downtown locations to track foot traffic. Visit our Pedestrian Counter page or click on a location marker on the map below to view our pedestrian count data.

All pedestrian count data is collected with Eco-Counter