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Go Green!

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Green Business Programs

Greening your business is often a smart way to reduce costs as well as create a more environmentally sustainable operation that benefits not only the community but your bottom line as well. Here are some programs to help you make your business more sustainable:

Solar CRD: Reduce your energy bills

The Solar CRD program is offering first-come first-serve incentives to businesses and homeowners that want to switch to solar hot water systems. Residential or commercial properties that have a high volume of hot water use would see a faster payback and higher return on investment from this program.  Multi-unit residential properties, motels, hotels, restaurants and laundromats are some examples that could be a good fit for solar thermal.  Single-family residential properties can also apply.

Incentives offer up to 33% of the total costs to help pay for the purchase and installation of solar hot water system or the maximum incentive which ranges from $2,250 to $4,750 depending on the size of the system.  Funding is provided by the Government of Canada.  The deadline for the program is March 31, 2015.

Fall Update:

The Solar CRD program is expanding to offer greater incentives for large commercial and residential systems.  Your business can qualify if you use 19GJ a year or more.  The maximum incentive for large systems has increased from $4,750 to $24,750. An updated Solar CRD incentive chart is available.  Incentives for smaller systems remain the same.

Approximately 55% of the incentives remain.  Each successful install increases energy resiliency and reduces regional greenhouse gas emissions. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Eight electric vehicle charging stations are now available in public parking lots in the Town of Sidney. Find these and other available charging stations here.

BC Hydro Green Business Programs:

FortisBC Energy Efficiency Programs

FortisBC offers rebates and incentives on high-efficiency natural gas equipment and conservation education to help commercial customers save energy and money. Programs are available for small, medium and large-sized commercial FortisBC customers.

  • Efficient Boiler Program – up to $60,000 rebate on eligible high-efficiency model
  • Efficient Commercial Water Heater Program – Up to $15,000 on qualifying water heaters
  • Energy Assessment Program – Free assessment for qualifying businesses
  • Efficiency à la Carte - Foodservice Incentive Program – up to $3,500 per appliance when installing high-efficiency cooking equipment


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