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2018 Utility Box Beautification Project

The 2018 Utility Box Beautification Project is now complete. To view the selected art and to learn more about the artists, please visit www.sidney.ca/UtilityBoxBeautification.

As part of the Town of Sidney’s utility box beautification project, the Town occasionally issues a Call to Artists requesting submissions to be used in wrapping a selection of utility boxes. Since 2006 the Town of Sidney has wrapped 28 utility boxes which have greatly enhanced the look of our streets as a result.

The beautification effort has prioritized the wrapping of utility boxes located in Downtown Sidney as well as several pump station locations around town. In addition to assisting beautification efforts, the program seeks to promote and celebrate established and emerging artists from the Saanich Peninsula.

Call to Artists

The Town of Sidney invited all artists to submit copies of their original art which best symbolized the spirit of Sidney. Chosen work, in whole or in part, was reproduced on a graffiti-resistant surface to beautify existing utility boxes in and around Sidney’s downtown area.

The 2018 Beautification Project identified the following boxes as candidates for beautification:

Click here to see a map of where the boxes are located.

 Selection Criteria
  • Saanich Peninsula artists will be given preference.
  • Youth (under 30 years of age) and First Nations art is encouraged.
  • The art enhances the current built form, landscaping and/or other physical features near the box location.
  • The art invites interaction.
  • The art recognizes the historical or current significance of the box’s location.
  • The art symbolizes the spirit of Sidney.
  • The art adds to the diversity of themes, styles, and perspectives displayed on existing wrapped boxes.
  • The art meets the Town of Sidney's Public Art Guidelines.