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Ardwell/Melville Storm and Sanitary Pipe Replacement


(Click on the image to enlarge)Ardwell and Melville Storm and Sanitary Pipe Replacement


The area of the pipe replacement is illustrated on the left. 

This project is challenging because the existing pipes run through backyards that have been customized by residents since the time of the subdivision in 1967. The 51-year old storm and sanitary pipes have deteriorated and must be replaced to avoid future blockages.

Every care will be taken by Town crews to minimize disruption of existing features, however there are some cases where sheds, plantings and fences will need to be removed from the statutory right-of-way. When the right-of-way area has been cleared, the Town’s contractor – Saanichton Developments – will commence pipe replacement. After completion, the Town will restore the backyards. Project budget is $1,200,000.

Work began in late May 2018. Underground work for the project has been completed. Above-ground landscaping work should be complete by the end of May 2019.