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BC Hydro Street Light Replacement Project

BC Hydro is replacing high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights in Sidney and communities across the province with energy-efficient LEDs in order to meet federal regulations. The LED lights use less energy, are more sustainable, last longer and are more reliable.

The LED fixtures that are being put in place may appear brighter but they are very close to the same lumen output as what was there before. The colour spectrum has shifted from the old orange style colour to a warm white colour. This colour helps improve public safety by increasing the visibility of sidewalks and roads at night and reducing light pollution.

At this time BC Hydro will not be putting on light shields or visors or filters on their LED fixtures.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact BC Hydro at: lightingsupport@bchydro.com or 1(833) 828-2224.

BC Hydro Light Replacement

What to expect – FAQ’s

What impacts can I expect on my home or business when the street lights are replaced?

  • The installation of LEDs is expected to have minimal impacts on residents and businesses.
  • You may notice some short-term lane closures or other traffic control in place when crews are working, but access is not expected to be an issue.

Will the installation of LEDs require an outage to residents and businesses nearby?

  • BC Hydro doesn’t expect to have to conduct a planned outage during this process.

How long will installation in my neigbourhood take?

  • Installation time of lights in each area will vary, depending on conditions. Generally, each individual street light should take the installation crew approximately 30 minutes to complete.
  •  We are coordinating with BC Hydro to ensure minimal impact on our municipality’s projects and traffic.

 Will my street be dark during the installation?

  • No, the existing lights will be kept in place until the LED lights are installed and ready to be turned on. In some cases, a combination of the new LED street lights and the current street lights may be in place overnight until installation is complete.

Who is doing the installation?

  • BC Hydro and experienced contractors will be conducting the installations across the province.
  • BC Hydro works closely with their contractors to ensure safety of their crews and the public is a top priority.