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The Site

The search for a site for a new Community Safety Building first came before Council in July 2010, with a number of possible locations identified. During the next six years, potential locations were explored through a process of elimination, each proving unsuitable or unobtainable.

The confirmed site is south of the Mary Winspear Centre between the Centre and the Town’s Public Works Yard. It encompasses Town owned land currently occupied by the skatepark, and adjoining lands to the south, which the Town leases from the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA).

The site required a zoning amendment by the Town, with approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI). This was completed on September 6th.

In addition, the site required an independent evaluation of potential aviation risk due to proximity to the airport runway, and community engagement, particularly with Orchard neighbourhood residents.

The proximity evaluation was based on the proposed future expansion of the runway to 8,447 feet; even with this expansion, the RESA (Runway End Safety Area) is 300 meters, which is the internationally recommended length. The current Transport Canada requirement for a RESA is no less than 60 meters.