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Galaran Road Sidewalk

Project Background

As a result of the West Side Local Area Plan (WSLAP) initiative, Council approved a 2018 budget for the construction of a concrete sidewalk along the east side of Galaran Road (shown in red on the map below). Survey and design work identified a number of technical challenges which, to date, have prevented this project from advancing to the construction phase.

Galaran Road Sidewalk Project

Public Feedback

Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith, along with Planning and Engineering staff, hosted an Open House and Public Meeting on March 19, 2019 to update West Side residents and businesses on the status of this and other infrastructure projects for the area.

At the Open House & Public Meeting, three options for the sidewalk project were presented, and residents and businesses were able to indicate their preferred option. Those who were unable to attend the event were able to view the options on our website and submit their feedback from March 20 - March 31, 2019.

Next Steps

Staff Report summarizing public feedback was included in the July 8, 2019 Council meeting agenda. At the meeting, Council directed staff to:

  • Complete the detail design drawings for the Galaran Road improvements, locating the sidewalk at the back side of the proposed curb and include the sidewalk construction with the proposed road works scheduled for 2023
  • Proceed with relocating the existing two Community Mail Boxes on Galaran Road to the east side of the street
  • Paint a white fog line on the east side of Galaran Road, from Jahn Place to Mills Roads West

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