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Highway 17 West Cycle Path Replacement


Project Description 

Throughout September and October of 2019, the Town of Sidney and Five Star Paving will be improving the pathway along the west side of Patricia Bay Highway, from Henry Avenue West to Beacon Avenue West. The work will include widening the pathway and paving a fresh asphalt surface, improving accessibility for path users. Work will involve some brush clearing, branch pruning, and tree removals where absolutely necessary. We realize the importance of the natural buffer to the highway along this corridor, and will be widening the path in a manner that avoids impacting this as much as possible.

Please expect some noise from saws and machinery and a bit of extra traffic as we undertake this work. Though the trail will be closed during construction, we do not anticipate any impacts to private property or driveway access as part of the project.

Key Dates

  • September 9, 2019: Preliminary clearing and pruning begins
  • September 23, 2019 - October 31, 2019: Construction work scheduled to take place

Project Map

  • Red dashed line indicates section of path that will be under construction

Highway 17 West Cycle Path Replacement Map

Contact Information

For more information about the project, please contact:
Engineering Services