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Official Community Plan Review

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One of Council's primary strategic priorities for this term is a review and update of the Town of Sidney's Official Community Plan (OCP). An OCP is a Town bylaw that sets out the broad objectives and policies that guide decisions on planning, land use and provision of municipal services in the community. It also establishes a degree of certainty about the location and nature of community change to residents and landowners while providing a framework for guiding and managing future development and growth.
For additional background information on this project, please see the "Additional Resources" section at the bottom of this page.

Official Community Plan Review Advisory Committee

As part of the OCP Review process, Mayor and Council are establishing an Advisory Committee, which will provide general guidance and advice to the Town during the project. The Committee will assist in the project by:

  • Considering new policy directions;
  • Reviewing draft sections of the plan;
  • Acting as informal ambassadors with the public by encouraging community participation and engagement with the project;
  • Providing input into the final version of the OCP document.

It's expected that approximately 5-10 meetings of the Committee will be held throughout 2020 and 2021.

The application period for the Committee has now closed. Thank you to all those who put their name forward. Applicants will be contacted within the next few weeks with more information.

Additional Resources

  • Current Official Community Plan
    Sidney's current OCP was adopted by Council on May 14, 2007, and includes the Downtown/Downtown Waterfront Local Area Plan (LAP) and the West Side Local Area Plan (WSLAP).
  • Completed Housing Needs Assessment
    Provincial legislation requires municipalities to undertake Housing Needs Assessments (HNA) in advance of the development of a new Official Community Plan. Staff focused their efforts during 2019 on completing the HNA; it was successfully completed in October 2019.