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Rathdown Park Playground Improvements

In conjunction with the 2018 Parks Master Plan, the Rathdown Park Concept Plan includes replacing the existing playground with a new all ages playground.

October 2020 Update - Rathdown Park Playground Now Open!

On October 9, 2020, Sidney Mayor and Council officially opened the new playground in Rathdown Park for children and families to enjoy!

Rathdown Park Playground Oct 2020

Project Background

The following is the proposed layout for the future south end of Rathdown Park. The playground will remain on the south end of the park. The playground installation, drainage improvements and some tree plantings are being completed in 2020. The trails, sport court, washrooms and picnic area will be planned for future years.

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Proposed layout for future Rathdown Park

Playground Elements Survey

In March 2020, the Town conducted a survey on possible playground elements. Thank you to everyone who provided their input regarding preferred playground elements. Feedback gathered was used as a guide in the equipment selection proposed by playground suppliers.


Construction of the new Rathdown Park playground started mid-September 2020 and was completed in early October 2020.

Rathdown Park Concept Plan

In 2018, the Town of Sidney worked to develop a concept plan for Rathdown Park. This plan is intended to provide future goals for the park, which the Town can work towards over the next few years. You can visit the Park Concept Plan project page for additional information.

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Rathdown Park Concept Plan

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

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