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Reay Creek Park Improvements

As part of the Parks Master Plan, the Town of Sidney gathered feedback from users and residents on potential improvements for Reay Creek Park.

Please note: the Reay Creek Park Improvements Survey is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Staff will now begin the process of reviewing the feedback that has been gathered.


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Overview of Reay Creek Park

Reay Creek Park is a significant natural area in Sidney – a wooded linear park, connecting adjacent neighborhoods and Peter Grant Park. It is an environmentally sensitive area with a spawning creek and is known for great bird watching. Visitors to the park can enjoy a stroll along a pathway that parallels the creek which is accessed through various points. On-street parking is available in the surrounding area on Wesbrook Drive, Northbrook Drive & Frost Avenue West.

Reay Creek was named for brothers William and Charles Reay, who settled on an acreage in the area in 1875. In the 1950's a local farmer installed a dam on the creek to create Reay Creek Pond, and the pond was used for commercial duck production. In the 1980's the Town of Sidney obtained the land where Reay Creek Pond is situated, and created a dedicated park.

During the Reay Creek Dam and Pond Remediation projects, the Ministry of Forest Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development requested that Reay Creek be renamed to KELSET, which is the original name for the creek in the SENĆOŦEN language of the W̱SÁNEĆ people. The BC Geographical Names Office is actively working on this renaming process, which will include seeking community feedback.

  Aerial View of Reay Creek Park

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Potential Improvements

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Restoration & Management of Natural Areas

Earlier this year the existing dam & fish passage were upgraded to meet current safety regulations while providing protection of the environment. Transport Canada has been working on remediation of the Reay Creek Pond which includes the removal of contaminated sediment that had migrated from the Victoria Airport, and restoring it to safe levels. As part of this pond project there are several restoration areas that Transport Canada has planted.

  • Continue working with higher levels of government investigating other areas of possible contamination
  • Work with outside volunteer groups to improve the creek's spawning habitat
  • Educate the public on the importance of maintaining vegetation & environmental sensitivity


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Invasive Species Removal

Invasive species are defined as non-native to the ecosystem and whose introduction causes harm to the environment. They are often introduced through improper disposal of garden plants. Many can produce large quantities of seeds which can be distributed by birds and wind, or have aggressive root systems which could smother the root systems of surrounding vegetation. Others can produce chemicals which inhibit growth of other plants around them.

  • Provide signage in the park with information on the effects of dumping garden debris
  • Continue removal of the invasive species including community organized ivy pulls
  • Make use of volunteer programs to aid in the removal throughout the park


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  • Install Interpretive signs in key areas providing history and information of the park, creek & dam
  • Identify the accessible trails
  • Add Wayfinding signage providing links to park features
  • Add Information signs referring to park etiquette and general info
  • Add Regulatory signs to prohibit wildlife feeding and fishing


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Trail System

The park currently has a gravel pathway from Wesbrook Drive near the dam, meandering through the trees along Reay Creek to Peter Grant Park.

  • Extend the trail north, past the dam and along the pond
  • Improve linkage to other trail systems


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  • Upgrade the existing pathway in key areas to improve accessibility
  • Provide more available seating at regular intervals
  • Add signage indicating the accessible pathways


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Seating/Gathering Areas

The park currently has 5 benches and some log seating.

  • Ensure seating along the pathway at regular intervals, with the possibility of some dedicated benches
  • Add a gathering/picnic area at the north end of the park with tables, benches and garbage bins
  • Create safe designated viewing areas of the pond




Potential Improvements - North End

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North End Improvements




Potential Improvements - South End

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South End Potential Improvements


Thank you to everyone who took the survey!

The Reay Creek Park Improvements survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Staff will now begin the process of reviewing the feedback that has been gathered.

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If you have any questions, please contact:
Town of Sidney Engineering & Parks Department