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Revitalization of Streetscape at Beacon Avenue and Fourth Street

A stretch of Beacon Avenue’s streetscape (on the north side of Beacon and west side of Fourth Street) is being revitalized as part of the redevelopment of 9818 Fourth Street. See the plans here

The improvements will be the first example on Beacon Avenue of the utilization of the Downtown Streetscape and Urban Design Standards, approved by Council in 2018.

The Design Standards maximize opportunities to create social and engaging public spaces where people of all ages and abilities can rest for a moment, have conversations with one another, and be a part of Sidney’s vibrant downtown. The redesign will also include spaces for both cars and bikes to park.

How we got here

Sidewalk before redevelopment


Sidewalks along Beacon Avenue were widened in the mid-1990s as part of a pilot project to support the downtown commercial area. These wider sidewalks have been well-received by downtown businesses, residents and visitors alike, but the sidewalk expansion was done using temporary infrastructure methods with the original curbs kept in place and tree wells built directly on top of asphalt.

With the redevelopment of 9818 Fourth Street, there is an opportunity to enhance a section of Beacon Avenue, incorporating more appealing and lasting features that contribute to Sidney’s lively and pedestrian-friendly downtown character. The streetscape improvements will be paid for by the developer.

Integration of trees into streetscape

Two trees along Beacon Avenue will need to be replaced as part of the project. The Pin oak tree at the corner of Fourth Street and Beacon Avenue has unfortunately outgrown its tree well and can no longer be accommodated. The small birch tree next to it has not been able to thrive in its current location.

Trees will continue to be a central part of the streetscape redesign with several Raywood ash and maple trees being planted along both Beacon Avenue and Fourth Street in new tree wells that are designed to support a much longer tree lifespan.

Raywood Ash Trees to come on Fourth Street and Beacon Ave

Raywood ash trees (pictured here) have grown very successfully along Beacon Avenue. Several Raywood ash and maple trees will be planted along both Beacon Avenue and Fourth Street in new tree wells.

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