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Gateway Development Public Hearing


Date:    Monday, September 12, 2016

Time:    7:00 p.m.

Location:   The SHOAL Centre (10030 Resthaven Drive)

After careful consideration, the SHOAL Centre has been selected as the venue for the Gateway Public Hearing. Unfortunately, the Mary Winspear Centre (MWC) is not available in and around that time as it is fully booked.  Furthermore, the dates when the MWC is potentially available for use, not all Councillors are available due to previously scheduled commitments.  Given the high level of importance of this decision, it is essential that every effort is made to  ensure all of Council is able to attend this meeting.

It should be noted that there is ample parking within and surrounding the SHOAL Centre; there are 19 regular and 2 handicapped spots in the underground parking, 38 spaces, plus 1 handicapped in the covered parking area, and there is 24hr parking along all streets surrounding the SHOAL Centre.  Additionally, the SHOAL Centre is an appropriate venue due to its central location, walkability from downtown parking lots and its close proximity to a large majority of our seniors and residents with mobility issues. The seating capacity of the SHOAL Centre is approximately 300 which is similar to Mary Winspear’s Charlie White Theatre.  

Finally, it is noted that if anyone has concerns regarding parking availability, there should be ample time between now and September 12th to arrange alternative transportation options such as public transit, carpooling, or drop off and pickup.