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Skatepark Facility

Skatepark complete

Construction of the Tulista Skatepark is complete!  

In keeping with the Town's Graffiti/Vandalism Policy, graffiti will NOT be tolerated at the Skatepark. Many residents have expressed concerns about possible graffiti and consider it to be a visual blight. We have also heard from the Skatepark designer and users that graffiti paint negatively affects the skating surface, making it too slippery and inconsistent.  At the May 8, 2017 Council meeting, staff was directed to "remove all graffiti at the Skatepark as soon as possible, with the goal of removal on the same day that it is detected". The following sign will be posted at several locations in the skatepark.

The design of the new facility is shown below.  

Skatepark Concept Design1   

Skatepark Concept Design2