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Business Continuity Planning

Is your business prepared to continue in the event of an emergency or disaster? Do you have your business information in a location you can access if you can’t get back onsite? Do all of your employees know what your plan is or how to access that information? By having a business continuity plan in place, you will be able to answer these questions confidently. Business continuity planning is essential for the survival of a business during the time of a disaster just as business survival is essential for the survival of a community during and especially post disaster. The Town of Sidney recognizes that local businesses owners are very busy and will require assistance initiating business continuity planning; successful disaster mitigation and recovery planning is a collaborative effort.

The following is a simple to use and easy to maintain template for Town of Sidney businesses:

If you have any questions about Business Continuity Planning or require assistance in developing your plan, please contact the Sidney Fire Department at 250-656-2121 or firedept@sidney.ca.