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The Town's Business Licence and Fire Inspectors will complete an inspection of the business premises, which can be arranged at your convenience.  They will be inspecting for health and safety related items to ensure the premises are safe for you and your customers.  A 5lb. ABC fire extinguisher is required for all commercial business locations.

Typically, there is no inspection for a home based business unless the business activities include having clients to the home.

To arrange for an inspection, please email us or call 250-656-1725.

If you will be undertaking tenant improvements to accommodate your business activities, please contact us by email or call 250-656-1725 to discuss whether or not you will require a Building or Plumbing Permit.  Improvements like paint and carpet do not require a permit, but any structural or plumbing changes will require a permit.

For more information, please contact:
Development Services