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Inter-Community Business Licences

On September 16, 2019, the Town of Sidney adopted the Inter-Community Business Licence Bylaw No. 2167 and joined the Vancouver Island Inter-Community Business Licence Program.

The Inter-Community Business Licence (ICBL) makes obtaining a licence easier and less costly for businesses that perform a service or activity within more than one municipality by moving from client to client rather than having clients come to them (e.g. trades, contractors, landscapers, delivery services, cleaning services, caterers, etc).

For more information, including a list of participating municipalities on Vancouver Island, visit the B.C. Government's Inter-Community Business Licence page.

Eligible Businesses

Under the Inter-Community Business Licence (ICBL) agreement, an eligible non-resident business or a business that does not have a business location in any of the Participating Municipalities may obtain a standard business licence from any one of the Participating Municipalities and then may apply for an ICBL. If a mobile business has storefronts in multiple communities, they must purchase a municipal business licence in each of those Participating Municipalities.

Licence Cost

The ICBL costs $170 annually. Other fees may apply - you can speak with the Development Services Department (contact information listed below) for more details. 

Once you are ready to apply for an ICBL, please visit the Town's eApply Inter-Community Business Licence Portal.

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For more information, please contact:
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