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Intermunicipal Business Licences

The Town participates in the Intermunicipal Business Licence agreement with other municipalities in the Capital Regional District (CRD).

If your proposed business activities will take you outside of the Town (such as a contractor or mobile services provider), the Town can issue an Intermunicipal Business Licence which will cover you for the municipalities in the CRD. 

Likewise, the Town will also recognize an Intermunicipal Business Licence issued from another municipality.

The issuing municipality is the municipality in which the business is physically located, or, in the case of a mobile business, the business owner's municipality of residence.

There is no cost difference between an Intermunicipal Business Licence and non-Intermunicipal Business Licence. An Intermunicipal Licence can be issued so long as the proposed business activities are commensurate with an intermunicipal type use.


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