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Island Health Approval

You will need to contact Island Health if your business activities:

  • Involve food (either pre-packaged or prepared for immediate consumption); or
  • Are a personal service establishment (such as a beauty salon, tanning salon, tattoos, piercings, etc.); or
  • Are a daycare or childcare facility.

The Town of Sidney requires Island Health approval prior to issuing your Business Licence.

For businesses that involve food or are a personal service establishment, the Environmental Health Officer for the Town of Sidney is:

Richard Greve, Environmental Health Officer
Phone: 250-519-3401
Fax: 250-519-3402

When an application is received that would require Island Health approval, Town staff initiate a referral to Island Health to advise of the application.  The Environmental Health Officer will sign off on the Town's referral once their requirements have been met which the Town accepts as approval.  Alternately, a copy of the Environmental Health Officer's Inspection Report approving the business operations can also be accepted.

For daycare or childcare facilities, please contact Island Health at 250-519-3401.

Island Health notifies the Town once a Licence has been issued or changed for a daycare or childcare facility.

You do not require Island Health approval before you submit your Business Licence application, but staff will not issue your Business Licence until Island Health approval has been granted.

For more information, please contact:
Development Services

Island Health