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Liquor and Cannabis Licensing

Liquor Licensing in Sidney 

The Town of Sidney works with the Provincial Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB)links to external site to manage the issuance and amendment of liquor licences in the community. This happens through an established process that includes staff and Council review, public consultation, and formal comment to the LCRB with recommendations or conditions regarding the licence.

There are no active liquor licence applications at this time.

Cannabis Licensing in Sidney 

On August 12, 2019 Council adopted Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw No. 2174, to allow cannabis retail in certain parts of the C1 (Downtown Commercial) zone in Sidney. Bylaw No. 2174 also allows the manufacturing and processing of cannabis products in the M1 (Industrial) zone in Sidney Business Park. While Bylaw No. 2174 does allow the home cultivation of up to four (4) cannabis plants for personal use, the commercial cultivation of cannabis (both recreational and medical) in Sidney is not permitted.

Bylaw No. 2174 was accompanied by Bylaw No. 2175, the Cannabis and Liquor Licensing Fee Bylaw, which imposes fees for applications referred to the Town of Sidney by the LCRB. Council also adopted the Liquor and Cannabis Licensing Policy, which sets requirements and guides the consideration of licence applications in Sidney.

Businesses wanting to open a cannabis retail location in Sidney should first contact the LCRB (see link above) to discuss their application. Consideration by the Town of Sidney begins following a referral from the LCRB to the Town. Following a referral, Town staff would contact the applicant to discuss next steps for the application.

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