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Council Approves Updated 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Sidney Council reviewed and approved their Strategic Plan for 2020 and beyond at the November 25 Council Meeting. The current 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan was updated during an all-day strategic planning session in October and builds on past work while taking into consideration input from the community and the current social and economic climate.

At the beginning of its term, in the Fall of 2018, Sidney Council developed a Strategic Plan for its four-year mandate. Each year, Council meets with senior Town staff to review the Plan. Completed initiatives are checked off, those underway remain, and new initiatives are brought forward for consideration. During the review, Council considers the Town’s capacity to take on new projects while continuing to maintain a high level of municipal services.

Some of the highlights of the updated Strategy include the addition of a new overarching goal - Community Safety, Health and Wellbeing. Related initiatives include providing a permissive tax exemption to Shoreline Medical, consideration of a smoking ban in the downtown core, emergency preparedness management, policing safety and the recognition of Pride Week.

Several strategic priorities and actions were added or have been recognized as a key area of focus; this includes affordable housing with an intention to implement key recommendations from the recently completed 2019 Housing Needs Assessment.

One of the big action items is the comprehensive review and update of the Official Community Plan. Having started with the recently completed Housing Needs Assessment, it will continue with the establishment of a steering committee to assist in stewarding the OCP review process, and it will include extensive community engagement.

The full plan is available on the Town's Strategic Plan webpage.