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Gas Line Hit Provides Opportunity to Activate ERMS System

At approximately 14:39 on November 17 2016 a main gas line was hit in the Harbour Landing development. This hit resulted in residents being evacuated and prolonged road closures. Due to the close proximity of two schools, and the timing of this call being essentially at the end of the school day, Incident Commanders felt it was best to broadcast this notification using the ERMS system.

Unfortunately, ERMS was preparing for updates and experienced issues with relaying the complete message through some phone calls. This message did successfully reach its audience through text, email, and some phone calls. Town Staff also posted the message to our website and twitter feed. ERMS has identified the issue associated with the outage and has taken steps to prevent a re-occurrence. ERMS extends their apologies to anyone negatively affected by the outage. This was an unexpected outage associated with a data center move. We have full confidence in ERMS as an emergency service provider, and thank them for their help during this event.

We apologize for the inconvenience to our residents. Please if you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact the Sidney Fire Department at 250-656-2121.