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Revised draft of Official Community Plan now available for public review

On May 30th, Council reviewed recent revisions to the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) and determined it was ready to share with the community for further input. Members of the public are invited to review the revised OCP and provide comment by June 13th.

The draft OCP has undergone significant revisions in certain areas in response to public feedback received in March and April 2022. Recent revisions include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Expansion of Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) along Sidney’s shoreline to create eight distinct ESAs in total;
  • Addition of a Natural Features Map highlighting why areas have been given ESA designation. Ex. Salmon-bearing stream, presence of Great Blue Heron and Bald Eagle nests;
  • Introduction of a Neighbourhood Townhouse Land Use Designation with policy that limits building height to 2.5 storeys;
  • Addition of new parking-related policies including demand management strategies for existing public parking spaces.

The OCP has also been restructured with objectives and policies grouped by Land Use Designations and focus areas, rather than goals.

The revised OCP is available online at www.Sidney.ca/OCP and also in person at Town Hall. Revisions to the plan have been highlighted in the draft document for clarity.

Council will receive additional public input on the revised draft on June 13th, and at that meeting consideration will be given to first and second reading of the OCP Bylaw. Following second reading, a Public Hearing will be scheduled and advertised for a future date, offering community members another opportunity to share their perspective on the plan before it is potentially finalized.

Media Contact:

Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith