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Saanich Peninsula Alert Launches Today

SaanPen Alert

Sidney, B.C.; North Saanich, Sidney, and Central Saanich municipalities have joined together to provide safety alerts to the residents of the Saanich Peninsula. All existing subscribers have been migrated into the system which is designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to residents and stakeholders who have registered.

Saanich Peninsula Alert allows the three Peninsula municipalities to alert residents and stakeholders in events such as earthquakes, tsunami alerts, evacuation notices, or other safety threats. Following the initial alert, updates may be sent as the situation changes.

"Effectively, it means we are looking at residents and stakeholders on the Peninsula as a whole rather than belonging to one of three individual municipalities," says North Saanich Fire Chief John Trelford.

"This system allows specifically targeted areas to be alerted to prevent over notification. For example, if an event is affecting only a few streets, these affected streets will be the only neighbourhood to be notified," says Sidney Fire Chief Brett Mikkelsen.

To receive alerts in the form of emails, a phone call, or text message, individuals will need to subscribe to Saanich Peninsula Alert.

"If residents are already registered to receive alerts with their municipality, there is no need to re-register, however, you are encouraged to login and verify your information is current." says Central Saanich Fire Chief Chris Vrabel.

Only those who have registered for these alerts will receive them. Be advised, this alerting system is not a lifesaving tool. If you are in an emergency situation, call 911.

Sidney residents can register for alerts here: www.sidney.ca

North Saanich residents can register for alerts here: www.northsaanichfire.ca

Central Saanich residents can register for alerts here: www.centralsaanich.ca