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Saanich Peninsula Alert Notification System Receives Upgrade

Saanich Peninsula Alert

Sidney, BC.; Member communities of Saanich Peninsula Alert, which include Sidney, North Saanich and Central Saanich, are excited to announce that the notification system is transitioning to a new provider in order to deliver an enhanced product and user experience to residents. As of March 25, 2021, Saanich Peninsula Alert will be exclusively administered through a new platform to inform subscribers of critical events that may impact residents, stakeholders, and visitors on the Saanich Peninsula. This upgrade will require current subscribers to log in to the new system and register for alerts with an expanded list of options.

The most significant change and benefit under the new system is that it allows subscribers to select multiple notification areas. This enables the user to keep up-to-date on areas outside of their own neighbourhood or municipality. For example, someone residing in North Saanich may work in Central Saanich and have elderly parents living in Sidney.  With the new system, the user can set up notifications for all three areas, while the current system only provides alerts to the subscriber's specific address. Additionally, visitors to the Saanich Peninsula can now temporarily sign up to receive alerts for the duration of their stay. 

John Trelford, Director of Emergency Services for the District of North Saanich, states, “The upgrade to Saanich Peninsula Alert will further enhance the service for the public benefit. We greatly appreciate residents taking the time to update their notification preferences, and we believe they will appreciate the resulting improvements and expanded options available to them.”

Existing subscribers of Saanich Peninsula Alert will receive a notification prompting them to register at the new website and update their notification details and preferred alerts by March 25th. New subscribers can sign up any time by visiting their local municipality’s website.

The Saanich Peninsula Alert System delivers critical and potentially life-saving alerts to residents, stakeholders and visitors who are registered. Alerts are sent out for events such as earthquakes, tsunami alerts, evacuation notices, or other safety threats. For more information, visit your local municipality’s website:
Central Saanich: www.centralsaanich.ca
North Saanich: www.northsaanich.ca
Sidney: www.sidney.ca


Media Contact: 
Brett Mikkelsen, Fire Chief