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Town of Sidney Council Meeting Highlights: April 25, 2022

Sidney, BC.;

Highlights from regular Council meetings provide a brief summary of some items of broad public interest. The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items. Please refer to www.sidney.ca for the full agenda, minutes, and webcast.

Overnight staffing of Fire Department reduces building code restrictions on single family homes, duplexes and small multi-family developments

New building restrictions that came into place in 2020 as a result of fire response times have now been lifted due to 24/7 staffing of the Sidney Fire Department.

In 2020, the Fire Department did not have staffing levels needed to guarantee a response time of less than 10 minutes 90% of the time to structural events. This led to a change in building code requirements for single family homes, duplexes and smaller multi-residential developments. The restrictions limited windows and doors on walls facing nearby homes, influencing the design of some new homes in Sidney.

In February 2022, Council approved 24/7 staffing of the Fire Department, improving response times. The building restrictions from 2020 have now been lifted, which will increase design options for new buildings.

Staff Report      Video (1:18:45)

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Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith