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Town of Sidney Council Meeting Highlights: Nov. 8, 2021

Sidney, BC.;

Highlights from regular Council meetings provide a brief summary of some items of broad public interest. The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items. Please refer to www.sidney.ca for the full agenda, minutes, and webcast.

Beacon Wharf will continue to be maintained for as long as practical

After reviewing extensive public input on the future of Beacon Wharf, Council has decided to maintain Beacon Wharf for as long as practical. A condition assessment of the wharf will be undertaken in 2023, at which point Council will consider next steps. The existing commercial leases on the wharf will be extended until the end of 2024 with the potential of future extensions. Council will not proceed further with the proposed public-private partnership on a floating wharf.

Staff Report                             Video (8:47)

Update to Public Bench Dedication Policy

Council approved an updated Public Bench Dedication Policy to include benches dedicated before the original policy was developed in 2003. Benches in Sidney can be dedicated for 10-year terms, reflecting the expected life span of the Town’s wooden benches. The updated policy notes that for plastic and concrete benches dedicated prior to 2003, the dedication can be renewed in 10-year increments at no charge to the sponsor for as long as the bench is in acceptable condition. The sponsor must have their current contact information on file with the Town in order for staff to confirm their wish to extend the dedication.  

Staff Report                 Video (1:26:00)

Building Permit Report for October shows pace of residential development in Sidney easing up

The October 2021 Building Permit Report for the Town of Sidney suggests that after reaching a peak in 2020, the pace of residential development in in Sidney is returning closer to 2018 levels. An additional 77 residential units are slated to be added to Sidney for 2021, with numbers for November and December yet to come. This figure includes multi-family residential units, as well as duplexes and single-family homes. It also takes into account residential units that are removed as a result of demolition. A total of 215 new residential units were added to Sidney in in 2020, up from 156 in 2019, and 65 in 2018.

 October Building Permit Report        Video (1:29:46)

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