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Town of Sidney Launches Social Media

Sidney, B.C.; The Town of Sidney has made the move towards the use of social media with the launch of a Facebook Page, Twitter and YouTube accounts as a means of enhancing public participation and communication with Sidney residents.

Mayor Steve Price states; “Council is pleased to see the Town of Sidney entering the realm of social media. It is a priority for this Council to inform and engage our citizens and this is one more medium that we can use to do that. We recognize that social media is here to stay and is an inclusive and effective way of communicating with the public.”  

The Town’s social media efforts will be managed by a team made up of key members of staff with a focus on distributing information about the Town to the general public, residents, visitors and others who may be interested in learning more about the Town of Sidney.  The use of social media is intended to encourage public participation, build a sense of community, foster partnerships, and gather and share information.  

The implementation of social media is a recommendation that came forward from the Town’s Communication Team, who developed the Town’s Corporate Communications Plan, which in turn was adopted by Council in 2014.  Other recommendations that have since been initiated include the Town’s updated website, which will now include links to the new social media platforms.

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