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Town of Sidney Launches "Meet Your Street" - A Neighbourhood Connectedness Program

The Town of Sidney is excited to announce a new program called “Meet Your Street” that aims to enhance neighbourly connections and build neighbourhood resilience. Meet Your Street is a resident-led effort to help neighbours get to know each other, largely through neighbourhood activities.

Community resiliency is a key element in the Town’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. Meet Your Street draws on the idea that simply fostering conversations and connections with others increases personal well-being and happiness. People who look out for one another develop stronger bonds with the people and the places in their communities. Additionally, Meet Your Street also supports resiliency by helping community members match needs with resources at a neighbourhood scale.

“Neighbourhood connections are a vital foundation for resilient communities, and they are especially important now as COVID-19 is keeping us close to home,” states Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith. “Not only do neighbours become our first responders in emergencies, but having local connections also builds trust, creates a sense of home, safety, and security, and helps communities withstand and overcome crises.”

Results from the Town of Sidney Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Residents Survey indicate that residents are concerned about individual and collective well-being. Survey respondents identified mental health as one of their top concerns for themselves, their families, and their community. The survey results also indicate that many residents are interested in volunteering and becoming more involved within the community.

Meet Your Street is seeking community members who are interested in:

  • Organizing simple, safe social gatherings or activities for their block or their buildings.
  • Encouraging neighbours to help neighbours with tasks such as food shopping or dog walking for those who may need assistance.
  • Discussing emergency preparedness for possible future incidents like a prolonged power outage, severe windstorm, or earthquake.

The Town is inviting Sidney residents who are interested in starting their own neighbourhood group to contact the Town of Sidney for a free Resource Guide for ideas on how to safely bring their neighbours together. Time commitments and involvement can be as big or small as people are able to contribute.

To learn more about Meet Your Street, visit: www.sidney.ca/meetyourstreet

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