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Town of Sidney Makes Recommendations to the Victoria Airport Authority on Distribution Centre Development

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Sidney, BC.; At the May 10th Town of Sidney Council meeting, Council finalized its recommendations to the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) on the proposed development by York Realty on VAA lands at 9899 McDonald Park Road. The submission of these recommendations to the VAA on May 11th completes the Town’s process and opportunity regarding the proposed development.  Any further public comments should be directed to the Victoria Airport Authority.

The VAA will consider the recommendations and make all final decisions on the project. The Town of Sidney staff and Council have no decision-making authority for developments on the Federal airport lands.

“Council made several strong recommendations regarding public engagement, addressing impacts on the adjacent residential neighbourhood, transportation infrastructure improvements, and civil works and frontage improvements,” said Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith.  “Town staff provided recommendations from its technical review, and the community provided meaningful input to Council on the benefits and impacts of the development”, the Mayor stated.

Following are the recommendations contained in the Council resolution that passed at the May 10th meeting and submitted to the VAA on May 11th:

1) That Council direct staff to reply to the Victoria Airport Authority recommending that the VAA not approve the development without first engaging with the WSANEC Leadership Council and providing opportunities for public input, particularly engaging the Galaran neighbourhood.
2) That Council recommends that approval of the Development Referral for the property at 9899 McDonald Park Road (York Realty) be subject to the following conditions:

  1. That the VAA be a partner in funding and take a leadership role in working with York Realty, the Town of Sidney, the District of North Saanich, and other stakeholders to ensure a roundabout is designed and constructed at the intersection of Beacon Avenue West and Galaran Road, and that Stirling Way is realigned, in accordance with the Beacon West Traffic study, and that the roundabout be designed and constructed in a way to easily adapt to a two-lane roundabout over time; 
  2.  That construction of the roundabout at Galaran Road be completed prior to the facility at 9899 McDonald Park Road becoming operational;
  3.  That a construction management plan to address potential impacts of construction on the surrounding road network be approved by the VAA and followed by York Realty throughout construction, including traffic control, truck routes, site deliveries, trades parkíng, dust control, etc.
  4.  That the VAA commit to taking a leadership role and be a funding partner in working with the Town of Sidney, the District of North Saanich, the Province, and other stakeholders, to address improvements at the Highway 17 and Beacon Avenue intersection;
  5.  That frontage improvements for the development include drainage and a pedestrian sidewalk along all road frontages and vehicle parking on the frontage of Galaran Road, as identified in the Beacon West Traffic Study;
  6.  That the location of site entrances/exits from Galaran Road be improved to better align with existing street intersections on the east side of Galaran Road;
  7.  That the civil engineer retained by York Realty continue to communicate with the Town's Engineering department regarding civil design and road and frontage improvements in order to resolve all issues prior to the issuance of a Building Permit by the VAA;
  8.  That all telecommunication and electrical site servicing be installed underground; and,
  9. That the east elevation of the building design be revised to reduce its impact on the Galaran residential neighbourhood.

3) Because this project is of significant interest to the community that we publish these recommendations prominently on our website.
4) Because this project is of significant interest to the community that we issue a media release and place an advertisement in the Peninsula News Review with these recommendations.
5) That the Town and VAA review the current MOU.
6) That the Town send a copy of the recommendations regarding this referral to MP Elizabeth May, MLA Adam Olsen, Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra, and B.C. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming.
7) That the Mayor request a meeting with the two Town of Sidney nominees to the Victoria Airport Authority Board of Directors in order to discuss in detail Council’s recommendations pertaining to the York Realty development referral.