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Town of Sidney Supports Primary Health Care


Sidney, B.C.; Sidney Town Council recently approved a loan request in the amount of $192,000 to the Saanich Peninsula Health Care Society, at a November 14, 2016 Council meeting. The loan will allow the Society to complete extensive renovations to the Society’s first primary health care centre at the Peninsula Medical Centre on Bevan and Fifth.

Unfortunately, due to funding limitations, only part of the office has been renovated and no further patients or caregivers can be accommodated until the second phase of renovations is complete. However, the Society has applied for charitable status, which will provide them with access to alternate funding options. Until that time, the Town of Sidney, recognizing the urgency and opportunity associated with the centre, have agreed to a loan allowing the Society to move forward with phase II and ultimately seeing more members of the community receive good primary health care.

As per the legislation, the Town published a notice of its intention to provide assistance to the Society and as no objections were received from the public, the Town can now move forward with entering into a repayment agreement with the Society.

Mayor Steve Price stated; “We all know there is a serious shortage of doctors across the country and every community is doing its utmost to attract family physicians to their area. Council’s decision to provide assistance to the Saanich Peninsula Health Care Society, ensures Sidney and the Peninsula, are one step ahead in this regard.”

The new primary care centre is working on implementing a model of service delivery focused on patient-centered care, featuring a collaborative team of doctors and other healthcare professionals. This new model is seeing successes across the province. In Sidney, the centre which opened in July was immediately swamped with over 1,000 applications for a doctor.

“In the first few weeks of operation, the Society Board was encouraged to see more than 500 people achieve the goal of obtaining good primary healthcare”, said Dale Henley, Co-Chair of the Society.  “Since then, over 1,200 people have become patients of the Centre.  This is a good first step in helping our community, since it is currently estimated that more than 20,000 people in the catchment area of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital do not have a family doctor.”