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Town of Sidney to Investigate Options for Reay Creek Pond Cleanup

Sidney, B.C.;  Through recent environmental testing at Reay Creek pond, the Town of Sidney has confirmed that significant levels of some metal contaminants have accumulated within pond sediment over the last 75 years.   It is further noted that there appears to be evidence that some of this contamination has migrated downstream.  Reay Creek pond is located within Town parkland on the west side of Sidney, alongside Canora Road and adjacent to Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) lands.

The headwaters of Reay Creek originate on the north face of Mt. Newton and flow through North Saanich and the VAA lands prior to crossing Canora Road and discharging into the Reay Creek pond.   Sediment from upstream areas, that contain metal contaminants, has clearly been discharged into the pond from upstream lands, where, over time, settling and accumulation have taken place. The predominant metal contaminants are cadmium and zinc.

Reay Creek pond is formed by a dam across Reay Creek and is located about 200 meters downstream of Canora Road. The dam and pond are important to salmonid enhancement efforts as they offer a supply of cool, clean water during summer drought conditions. Reay Creek sees a return of both Coho Salmon and Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout each year during spawning. 

The Town of Sidney recognizes the significance of this issue and therefore will be moving quickly to organize a group of stakeholders, property owners and government agencies to investigate options and costs to clean up and address this important freshwater system.   It is important to note that the high levels of contaminants are located in the sediments, not the water itself.  Therefore the risk to park users is believed to be low.  Further information will be available on the Town’s website www.sidney.ca as it becomes available.

Media Contact: Tim Tanton, Director of Engineering, Parks and Works
Ph: 250-655-5413 |  E: ttanton@sidney.ca