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Transport Canada to Begin Reay Creek Pond Remediation

Reay Creek Pond

Sidney, BC; The Town of Sidney has received confirmation that remediation of Reay Creek Pond is expected to be undertaken this year by Transport Canada. The remediation process is expected to take place throughout the summer and/or possibly fall of 2019 and will include the removal of contaminated sediment from the pond and restoring the pond to safe levels. 

Concerns regarding contamination in Reay Creek came to the forefront in 2015 when sediment samples from the Creek Pond proved to contain high levels of metals, including cadmium, zinc, chromium and lead. It was determined that the contamination resulted from industrial activities that took place as far back as 75 years ago at the Airport property, which was operated by Transport Canada at the time. Since 2012, the Victoria Airport Authority has invested significant time and money to remediate the portion of the creek that flows through their property. 

In response to the contamination issue, the Town formed a Technical Working Group to take a leadership role to move remediation forward and determine how best to clean up the pond. As a result of the group’s efforts, in 2016 Transport Canada classified Reay Creek as a Class 1 contaminated site, which is “High Priority for Action”.  

The Residents of Reay Creek and Peninsula Streams have also worked diligently to bring the issue of Reay Creek Pond to the forefront. They have advocated for its clean up, worked collaboratively with the Town and undertaken a number of projects. Their work, combined with that of the Technical Working Group, has set the stage for the rejuvenation of this natural gem within our community.

Transport Canada will take the lead on the remediation process and will work with Town staff throughout the project. The Town will also host a Town Hall meeting on the project in late spring or early summer before work begins. The Town of Sidney will provide updates to the public as new information becomes available. Further information about Reay Creek Pond can be found in the Projects & Initiatives section of the Town’s website.


Reay Creek Pond