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Update on Melting Snow Conditions

With the end of the Snowfall Warning by Environment Canada and the change to rain and milder conditions, the Town of Sidney is refocusing our resources to inspect and clear all roadway drainage systems of snow. The snow that has accumulated on the ground will melt and become storm water run-off. Homeowners are reminded that keeping your on-site private drainage systems clear of snow will improve the efficiency of your system and help prevent snow melt water from entering your home. Homeowners are also advised to gently remove any snow accumulations from exterior building walls so that snow melt water does not seep into your home. To be clear, property owners are responsible for addressing snow melt on their own private property, however, the Town will address any potential flooding issues on our municipal streets and resulting from backed-up or clogged storm drains.

In the event that melting storm water from private property is draining towards your home, the Town of Sidney has sandbags and sand available in the Iroquois Park parking lot. Please take what you need to control any storm water that threatens your home.

For any urgent water, sewer, or drainage issues, please call the Town's 24-hour phone line at 250-656-1184.

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