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Aircraft Noise

Since aircraft are not subject to municipal regulations or bylaws, the Town of Sidney has no authority to regulate aircraft noise.

Residents who have concerns or complaints regarding aircraft noise should contact the following:

  1. The Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) is responsible for aircraft related noise impacts within a 10 mile radius of the airport.  VAA has a direct noise complaint line at 250-953-7508.  Local residents can also register a noise complaint on the VAA website.  VAA also has a well-established community and industry based Noise Management Committee that meets to review airport/aviation related noise concerns.
  2. Transport Canada is responsible for noise complaints outside the 10 mile radius of Canadian airports.  Transport Canada's noise complaint phone number is 1-800-305-2059.
  3. Military aircraft activities are not governed by any civil aviation regulations.  Noise complaints emanating from 443 Squadron's helicopter operations based at the airport are managed directly by the squadron.  The 443 Squadron noise complaint line is 250-363-6856.