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Like other municipalities and organizations, the Town is facing external economic pressures, including the current global economy, regional competition, increasing expectations and other cost pressures. Our budget looks to balance these competing priorities and challenges with the ability to provide high quality services for all our customers.

Keeping taxes affordable is important to the well-being of our businesses and residents. Like any business or resident, the needs and wants within a municipality are often greater than what the municipality and community can afford at one time. Each year as part of the budget process, choices must be made.

The Community Charter requires that Council adopt a Five-Year Financial Plan bylaw each year. 

2018 - 2022 Financial Plan:

The Draft 2018-2021 Financial Plan was introduced to Council and the public at the Committee of the Whole meeting of January 15th.  A copy of the staff presentation is linked below, along with the public budget document. Please note that the two items should be considered together. Reading the document without also checking out the presentation will likely not provide enough information.

The Committee meeting was also recorded, as are all Town Council and Committee of the Whole meetings. For those seeking the most complete introduction to the financial plan, the above presentation may be viewed together with the recording of that meeting. The presentation is about 45 minutes long, and can be found here.

The draft financial plan starts out with a proposed general tax increase of 4.1%. This amount includes several internal and external requests that have not yet been approved by Council, and is simply a starting point for budget deliberations. Over the course of the budget process, Council may choose to add or remove certain projects and initiatives, which would have a bearing on the final tax impact.

Future Budget Meetings:

The next consideration of the financial plan will take place at the Committee of the Whole on Monday, February 5th, at 6:00 p.m. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and will have an opportunity to add their comments and ask questions of staff and Council at that meeting. In the meantime, please take the time to review the documents above.

Following the February 5th meeting, the budget is scheduled to go to Council for final consideration at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 20th.

Additional Resources:

The following resources are available to provide more details on the draft financial plan. Please check this section as we move through the various budget meetings, as additional information may be posted.

 Previous Financial Plans: