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FAQ - Home Owner Grant

Can I apply for the Home Owner Grant online?
  • Yes.  The online application will be available each year, after the tax levy has been generated, usually around the end of May. 
My spouse and I are both eligible for the Home Owner Grant, do we both need to apply?
  • No. Only one eligible owner should apply for the Home Owner Grant.
  • If only one eligible owner is 65 or older while the other is not, the older owner should apply as he/she will be eligible for the higher grant amount of $845, rather than the regular grant of $570
I didn’t apply for a Home Owner Grant last year, can I still apply now?
  • Yes. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the Home Owner Grant retroactively for one preceding year. For example, in 2015 you can retroactively apply for the grant if you forgot to do so in 2014; but you can no longer apply for the 2013 grant in 2015.
  • To apply, bring the completed application form (including supporting documents specified in the application form) to the Finance Department in Town Hall.
If the property owner passed away recently, can a Home Owner Grant be claimed on their behalf? My parent just moved into a long-term care facility, but has not sold his/her house. Can he/she still claim the Home Owner Grant?
  • Yes. If your parent meets all these qualifications, he/she is entitled to claim the Home Owner Grant for one additional year.
  • You may apply for the grant on behalf of your parent by completing the application form, or online.
Why do I have to apply for the Home Owner Grant every year?
  • A property may be owner-occupied one year and rented out the next year. To qualify for the grant, the property must be the owner’s principal residence.
  • Therefore, an owner must apply each year to certify he/she continues to qualify for the grant.
I receive a disability benefit through CPP or WCB; does this mean I qualify for the additional Home Owner Grant as a person with disabilities?
  • No.  A CPP or WCB disability benefit by itself is not enough to qualification for the additional Home Owner Grant as a person with disabilities.
  • The Home Owner Grant program has specific eligibility requirements for persons with disabilities.
  • You may also qualify for the additional grant if your spouse or relative living with you has a disability.
  • Please refer to the Provincial Home Owner Grant web page for details.