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FAQ - Property Tax


What period does my property tax notice cover? July to June, or calendar year?

  • Property taxes cover the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.

When are property taxes due?

  • Property taxes are due on the first business day in July.  Typically, that is July 2nd.
  • Payments after the due date are subject to penalty.

When are property tax notices mailed out?

  • Notices are usually mailed out near the end of May.  If you have not received the notice by June, please contact the Finance Department.

Can I receive my tax notice by email?

  • Yes.  Follow these 3 simple steps to sign up:
    1.  Register for a MySidney profile.
    2.  Add your tax and/or utility account to that profile.
    3.  Select the eBilling option for the account.

Can I access my property tax information online?

  • Yes.  You can access your property tax account information through our online service MySidney.  
  • Registration is Easy – First, create a MySidney profile using your email.  Then, add any of your Town of Sidney accounts (e.g. property tax, utility bill, dog licence, business licence) to your profile. 
  • All information is protected by private access codes.

Why can’t I pay my property taxes with a credit card?

  • Credit card companies charge the merchant a fee based on the dollar value of transactions.  These fees can become significant when processing transaction with higher dollar values.
  • While the Town recognizes the convenience of credit card payments – and offer it as a payment option for many other transactions (e.g. utility bills, business licences, dog licences, etc.) – we are not accepting credit cards for property tax payments in order to minimize operational costs.
  • There are many other convenient options for property tax payments. Please refer to the Property Tax Payment Options for more details.

I arranged for my mortgage company to pay my taxes - do I need to do anything else?

  • You still need to apply for the Home Owner Grant, if eligible.  Apply before the due date to avoid penalty on the outstanding grant amount.
  • It is your responsibility to communicate your Home Owner Grant eligibility to your mortgage company.  This helps to ensure your mortgage company pays the correct amount for your property taxes.

I think my property taxes are too high - can I appeal them?

  • No.  Property taxes cannot be appealed.  However, you can appeal the assessed value of your property, which has an impact on your property taxes. 
  • BC Assessment sends out assessment notices on December 31st.  If you wish to appeal, you must do so by January 31st.

I’m leaving on an extended vacation.  I will be gone before tax notices are mailed and will not return until after the due date.  What should I do?

  • The easiest way to access your property tax information while away is through our online service MySidney
  • You can check your property tax account to find out the total balance owing and apply for the Home Owner Grant, if eligible.
  • Any balance due after deducting the Home Owner Grant can be paid online using your bank’s online bill payment service.

I’m selling my property around tax due date. Who should pay the property taxes and/or apply for the Home Owner Grant – me or the purchasers?

  • You should discuss this with the lawyer acting on your behalf in the property sale transaction.
  • Lawyers for the buyer and seller normally adjust the sale/purchase price to account for property taxes.
  • In some situations, there may be a benefit for one party to apply for the Home Owner Grant over the other.  Your lawyer can advise if this applies in your situation.