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Financial Reporting

The Financial Services section is responsible for a variety of financial reports each year – some of these are mandated under legislation (statutory reporting); others are part of our regular accountability and transparency measures.
It is our goal to make financial reports as useful and easy to understand as possible, while meeting the needs of internal and external users.

Statutory (Mandatory) Reports:

  Annual Financial Statements– delivered mid-May each year
  • Audited report of financial position and results for the year, prepared according to a specific set of accounting rules for the public sector.
  Statements of Financial Information (SOFI)– due mid-May each year
  • Repeats some of the information from the Financial Statements, and also reports on certain personnel costs, and payments to suppliers.
  Annual Report– corporate report which is due by the end of June each year
  • Reports on corporate goals, objectives, and accomplishments. Not strictly a financial report, but includes the entire Financial Statements, plus additional supporting information.

Periodic Monitoring:

Regular reports on year-to-date results are published after the 2nd and 3rd quarters, and after year end.