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Home Owner Grants

Property owners who occupy a property as their principal residence may be eligible for a Provincial Home Owner Grant. To find out more about the Home Owner Grant program, including your eligibility, go to the Provincial Home Owner Grant website.

Regardless of how your taxes are paid, you are strongly encouraged to apply for the Home Owner Grant directly with the Town of Sidney, using one of the three ways described below. The Home Owner Grant application should be submitted as soon as possible after receiving the tax notice.


There are three convenient ways to apply for the Home Owner Grant.

  • Online – To apply online, you will need the folio number and access code, which can be found on your property tax notice. If you are applying online, please do not complete the application at the bottom of your tax notice.

  • By Mail – Complete the application form at the bottom of your tax notice, detach, and mail to:
    Town of Sidney
    2440 Sidney Ave
    Sidney BC
    V8L 1Y7

    Mail must have a legible post-mark dated no later than the due date to avoid penalty on the Home Owner Grant amount.

  • Drop Box at Town Hall – Completed application forms can be submitted via the drop box located at the main entrance to Town Hall (2440 Sidney Avenue), available 24/7.

Access to Town Hall is currently restricted to comply with physical distancing requirements established by the Provincial Health Officer. We encourage you to use one of the above methods for applying for the Home Owner Grant. Staff are available to assist you by phone at 250-656-1184 or email at Please contact us for an appointment if you require in-person assistance.

Due to ongoing changes with bank procedures, it is not advisable to submit the Home Owner Grant at your bank. Regardless of how you pay your taxes, we strongly encourage you to apply for the Home Owner Grant using one of the three methods described above.

If you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant, an application must be filed each year in order to claim the grant. If you are not eligible for the Home Owner Grant, please do not submit an application.