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Property Tax Payment Options

Effective Friday, July 3, 2020, in-person property tax payments at Sidney Town Hall will be by appointment only. Access to Town Hall is restricted to comply with physical distancing requirements established by the Provincial Health Officer.

We encourage you to use one of the following methods for paying your taxes:

Property Tax Payment Options

  • Online - Use your bank's online bill payment service. Add the Town of Sidney Property Tax as a payee. Use your property folio number, found on your property tax notice, as the account number, but do not include the decimal, eg. 476123456789.

    Financial Institution
    Property Tax Payee Name
    Bank of Montreal
    Sidney, Town Of, Taxes
    Sidney Tax (B.C)
    Coast Capital
    Sidney Town
    Royal Bank
    Sidney (Town) Tax
    Sidney (Town) Taxes
    TD Canada Trust
    Sidney (Town Of) Property Tax
  • By Mail - Cheques and bank drafts are accepted by mail. Please send to:
    Town of Sidney
    2440 Sidney Ave
    Sidney BC V8L 1Y7
    To avoid penalty, mail must have a legible post-mark dated prior to the penalty date. 

  • Drop Box at Town Hall - Available 24 hours a day for cheque payments. Please do not deposit cash in the drop box.

  • At Your Bank - Property taxes are payable in person at most financial institutions. Please check with your bank to confirm whether branches are open and if any restrictions are in place.

  • By Appointment at Town Hall - contact us at 250-656-1184 or to book an appointment if you require in-person assistance.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact us by phone at 250-656-1184 or by email at

Regardless of how your taxes are paid, eligible residents must apply for the Home Owner Grant by the due date. You are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as you receive your tax notice. Effective 2021, the Province has centralized the administration of the Home Owner Grant program. The Town of Sidney can no longer accept Home Owner Grant applications. For more information, please visit:


2020 Property Tax Due Date & Late Payment Penalties

We've made the 2020 tax season longer than usual, to ensure everyone has time to adjust to all the temporary measures. While the due date is published as July 2, 2020 as usual, the first penalty date for late payments has been moved back a month to July 31, 2020.

Unpaid 2020 taxes (including outstanding home owner grants and deferments, as applicable) will be subject to:

  • 5% penalty if not paid by July 31, 2020 for residential (class 1), utilities (class 2) or farm (class 9) properties.
  • 5% penalty if not paid by September 30, 2020 for light industrial (class 5), commercial (class 6) and recreational (class 8) properties.
  • An additional 5% if not paid by December 15, 2020 for all property classes.
  • For properties with a combined assessment of residential (class 1) and light industrial (class 5), commercial (class 6) or recreational (class 8), the September 30 penalty date will apply.

The assessment class of your property can be found on the front of your tax notice. If you are unsure of the penalty dates applicable to your property, please contact us.

If you are in a position to pay by July 2, 2020 or earlier, we would certainly appreciate it; it would help with our cash flow needs, improve our financial results for the year, and help to reduce future tax and utility increases. If you are able to pay early, we thank you; if not, we hope that the relaxation of the due dates provides some relief at this challenging time.



Monthly property tax payments can be easily made through the Town's Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. This program allows property owners to make automatic monthly payments towards the following year's taxes. To subscribe to this service, please complete the form below and submit it to the finance office with a cheque marked "void".



Regardless of the payment method, interest is credited to your account in the same way. Beginning in August each year, the Town will begin paying monthly interest on your pre-payment account balance. The rate used is 2.5% below prime. This interest is considered a tax discount by the Canada Revenue Agency and is tax-free to you.