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The Town of Sidney provides Water, Sewer and Refuse Collection services to its residents and businesses.  The operating costs for these services are paid for through User Charges on Utility bills which are produced and mailed out quarterly.

Refuse Collection costs are paid 100% through User Charges.  Full, Basic and Commercial Service is provided depending on whether your service address is a single, two family, multiple or commercial unit.  Extra volume stickers may be purchased by the owner or occupant of a service address, allowing the disposal of an excess volume of garbage or yard waste.

Water and Sewer Utilities are paid for through both User Charges, which are based on water consumption, and Capital and Infrastructure levies, which are based on a fixed amount for each parcel of property.  The Water User Charges are billed quarterly and provide for the operation of the Town’s water system and the purchase of bulk water.  The Sewer User Charges are also billed quarterly and provide for the operation of the Town’s sewer collection system, and Sidney’s portion of costs to operate the Unified Treatment Plant for the Saanich Peninsula. The Capital and Infrastructure levies provide for renewal of each Utility's infrastructure and is charged on the annual Tax Notice.