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Garbage and Kitchen Organics

 Garbage and Kitchen Organics  

The Town of Sidney contracts out the collection of Garbage and Kitchen Organics to Emterra Environmental. For questions pertaining to these services, please contact the Town’s Engineering Department at 250-656-4502 or Emterra at 250-385-4399.


Collection Information

Collection will take place on all Statutory Holidays except Christmas Day. All other pick up days remain the same. Please contact Emterra at 250-385-4399 with any questions or concerns.

Items for Garbage and Kitchen Organics Waste collection must be placed at curbside, prior to 7 am, weekly on your collection day (please refer to the Town's Garbage Collection Schedule Map). The contract allows for one garbage can/bag with a maximum volume of 80L and 20kg (44lbs). Oversized cans are permitted, provided you only fill it to the maximum amounts. Alternatively, you can put out additional cans/bags provided they have a sticker affixed indicating you have paid for them. Stickers can be purchased at Sidney Town Hall or Sidney Thrifty Foods for $4.00 each.

Please use the wheeled green curbside container provided for kitchen organics collection. If you choose to contain your materials, please ensure that you use certified compostable bags or newspaper. Regular plastic or biodegradable bags are not acceptable.

Please note: The Capital Regional District (CRD) has banned kitchen organics and yard waste from the Hartland Landfill. We therefore ask that you please ensure that such materials are not deposited in with the regular household garbage. The Town’s Contractor, Emterra Environmental, is not required or expected to collect household garbage containing prohibited materials.


Collection Charges

The Town offers three categories of refuse collection:

  • Full Service: Weekly curbside collection of garbage and kitchen organics and monthly collection of yard waste at a cost of $39/quarter ($13/month). All single family and two family units automatically have Full Service. 
  • Basic Service: Weekly curbside collection of garbage and kitchen organics only, with no yard waste collection, at a cost of $32/quarter ($10.76/month).
  • Commercial Service: Weekly curbside collection of garbage and kitchen organics, using higher volume containers, with no yard waste collection.

Refuse collection charges appear on utility bills, which are mailed out four times a year. For more information about collection rates, please visit the Town's Refuse Collection Rate page.