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Yard and Garden Waste

Yard & Garden Waste  

The Town of Sidney contracts out the collection of compostable Yard and Garden Waste to Emterra Environmental. For questions pertaining to these services, please contact the Town’s Engineering Department at 250-656-4502 or Emterra at 250-385-4399.


Collection Information

Collection will take place on all Statutory Holidays except Christmas Day.

Items for monthly Yard & Garden Waste collection must be placed at curbside prior to 7 am, once a month on your collection day. The contract allows for three clear plastic bags / garbage cans without lids, with a maximum volume of 80L and 20kg (44lbs) each. Oversized bags/cans are permitted, provided you only fill them to the maximum amounts.

Alternatively, you can put out additional clear bags/cans provided they have a sticker affixed indicating you have paid for them. Stickers can be purchased at the Town Hall or Sidney Thrifty Foods for $3.50 each.

Acceptable Materials

Organic materials, substances, or objects including grass, lawn and hedge clippings, grass sod, flowers, weeds, leaves, vegetable stalks, and shrub and tree branches less than 3 inches in diameter are acceptable.

For collection purposes, branches up to 3 feet long and tied in bundles not exceeding the equivalent volume of an 80L garbage can are acceptable.

Unacceptable Materials

Morning glory, blackberry, wild mustard, ox-eye daisy, wild carrot, couch grass, poison hemlock, and all invasive plant species are unacceptable.


Collection Charges

The Town's Full Service refuse collection includes monthly curbside collection of compostable yard and garden waste. Refuse collection charges are included on utility bills and are mailed out four times a year.

For more information about collection rates, please visit the Town's Refuse Collection Rate page.