Cancelled: Tsunami Advisory

Posted 01/23/2018

EMBC has cancelled the Tsunami advisory for all of coastal BC. There is no warning or advisory in place. 

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Jeanette Hughes Accessibility Award

“I am not a victim. I’m an individual like everybody else.”
~ Jeannette Hughes, May, 1992

Jeannette Huges

Disabilities and injuries can affect anyone, at any time or any age. They can be temporary or permanent, invisible or visible, and caused by many things. Barriers are everywhere but the real problem for people with disabilities is the physical and social barriers they face. Why should anyone be prevented from enjoying life to its fullest? Accessibility is a human right. Jeannette Hughes worked to create an inclusive world without barriers. In honour of her work, the Jeanette Hughes Accessibility Award will recognize an individual, business or organization that has removed or reduced barriers for people living with a disability.
Nominations for the Jeanette Hughes Accessibility Award can be an individual, business or organization in the Town of Sidney. 

Award Criteria