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Bench People Statues

Sidney's "bench people" statues were initiated by resident Reg Teeney, who raised all of the funds through donations to have the sculptures created and installed.  Local artist Nathan Scott worked with Reg to design, construct, and choose locations for each of the pieces.

Scott is a very talented painter and sculptor whose most well-known sculptures are Terry Fox at Mile 0 and The Homecoming in downtown Victoria.  Sidney's statues were Nathan's very first commission which he received just six months after he began sculpting.  The Sidney statues are expertly fabricated from a highly modified cementatious material and finished with a bronze-like patina.  Each of the sculptures are uniquely detailed and inspired from life.  They encourage interaction with the public and are often found holding small gifts, such as a flower left by a passerby.

children and cat
 Old man with dog Mrs. Stone
 fisherman at the pier statue  Old Salty  veteran & child