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About the Artist

Chazz ElliottChazz Elliott was born in 1995 and is a full time Coast Salish Artist from the Tsartlip Reserve, of the Saanich Peninsula. He is a graduate of Stelly’s Secondary School and son of Master Carver Charles Elliott Sr.

Chazz has been learning and honing the Coast Salish Art form from his father and teacher Master Carver Charles Elliott. The Coast Salish art form has surrounded Chazz since birth. With this influence,  he has made it his mission to carry on the teachings and discipline of the ancient Coast Salish Art form his father is passing down to him while being true to his own unique style.

Chazz has been selling art for several years through commissions. Since graduating from High School he has been committed full-time to the arts, carving and painting at his father’s studio/carving shop. Chazz’s art productions include carved plaques, cod lures, paddles, logos, carved spindle whorls, paintings, t-shirt designs and unique and elaborately carved and painted coffee tables. His fine work attests to his deep understanding of the Coast Salish art form and the beauty it holds.