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Market Inquiries

Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Sidney Street Market has been cancelled for the 2020 season. We look forward to seeing you next year! Stay safe and be healthy.

 Please follow the inquiry guidelines outlined below.


1.   Qualification Guidelines

2.   Submit an Inquiry

3.   Review & Selection Procedure

4.   Guidelines for Category Selections

5.   Participation and Payment Policy

6.   Market Fees

1.   Qualification Guidelines:   

  • The Sidney Street Market is a fun, festive, family event that celebrates the diverse talent and entrepreneurial spirit of the Island. We invite Vendors that contribute to making the Market entertaining while providing Market goers with a wide range of products and attractions. Possible Vendors may include:
- Artisans      - Baking      - Books      - Candy & Sweets
- Clothing      - Entertainers      - Food Vendors      - Handcrafted Products
- Healthcare Products      - Imports      - Jewellery      - Music
- Pet Supplies      - Pottery      - Prepared Foods      - Produce
- Retail Merchants      - Beauty Products      - Specialty Foods      - Fun Items
  • The Market provides a limited number of spaces for community groups, service clubs and non-profit community organizations whose participation will contribute to the fun, festive, and entertaining atmosphere of the Market. 
  • You must be a pre-registered, paid vendor to sell and participate in the Market. No drop-ins or spontaneous walk-through promotions.
  • The Sidney Street Market, reserves the right to regulate and choose the type and nature of all participants.

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2.   Submit an Inquiry:

In order to be considered for participation in the Sidney Street Market, your first step is to submit a Detailed Inquiry by email. This must include:

  • specific details about your particular product or item
  • indicate whether the items are handmade by yourself
  • include as much information as you can, along with some history about yourself, and your experience with markets
  • include a good photo representation of your items and your set up, especially if you are a new inquiry
  • include your contact information
  • submit all inquiries to


3.   Review and Selection Procedure: 

Applications are by invitation only - they are not available online. 

Only those reviewed and selected will be invited. Participation in past Markets does not guarantee a space in subsequent years; everyone must submit a new inquiry each season for review. 

Consideration will be given to local retailers in the market footprint, who inquire, offering them the opportunity to use the street space in front of their business.  They are given a deadline to respond. 

During this same time, we will be reviewing inquiries from previous and new participants.  If selected to receive an invitation to participate, they will also be given a deadline to respond and complete their application process. If there is no response by the required deadline, their inquiry will go on a waiting list, and others will be considered.


4.   Guidelines for Category Selections:

Our policy includes limiting the number of vendors represented in any one category. Preference will be given to those who make, bake or grow their own products. Availability for imported items is limited. 

Should the response from the first group of invitations enable us to fill some categories, then they will be considered full for the season.  If this does not happen, then newly submitted inquiries will be reviewed with new selections made, followed by invitations to those selected. 

This policy has allowed us to introduce new vendors each year and helps to keep the market fresh and interesting.  All inquiries remain on a list for the season, and should things change in any category, will be considered for participation.


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5.   Participation and Payment Policy:

If selected, you will receive an invitation and application and may choose the dates you wish to attend.  All chosen market dates must be marked on the application. The application must be submitted by the deadline indicated.  This process requires a pre-payment plan in place, for all chosen dates, and the payment must be included, for your option of choice, when you return your application.  This is required to secure your participation.

*Minimum attendance is 3 market dates. In order to secure participation, payment for 3 dates is required with your application and is non-refundable.  Subsequent payments will be for 3 or more dates at a time.

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6.   Market Fees:

Regular Vendors - $80.00 per night.      Nonprofit - $35.00 per night.     Fees include taxes and liability insurance                                          

*Regular Vendors.   Preference will be given to those regular vendors, who book all 13 dates.   If preferred, advance payment for all dates, is available, and gives you one free market. This option is due and payable with the submission of your application. This option is non-refundable.    Payment options are outlined on the application forms.

We do not accept payments on market night and we do not have a Drop in Policy.  Participants, in all categories, are by invitation only, and booked in advance.

Market booth size is 10ft x 10ft. Participants are required to supply their own display material. 

Vendor Set up time is 5pm.   The market is open from 5:30pm-8:30pm.

We look forward to receiving your Inquiry Information. These guidelines and policies apply to all categories. Should we require further information, we will contact you.

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