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Sell at the Market

The inquiry and selection process for the 2019 Market Season is not yet open. If you are interested in being considered as a Vendor please follow the guidelines below.  


1.   Submit an Inquiry:
In order to be considered for participation in the Sidney Street Market, your first step is to submit a Proper Inquiry by email. This must include:

  • specific details about your particular product or item
  • indicate whether the items are handmade by yourself
  • include as much detail as you can, along with some history about yourself, and your experience with markets
  • include a good photo representation of your items and your set, especially if you are a new inquiry
  • submit all inquiries to westcoastimpressions@shaw.ca
  • include your contact information

2.   Review and Selection Procedures: 
Applications are by invitation only - they are not available online. Only those reviewed and selected will be invited. Participation in past Markets does not guarantee a space in subsequent years; everyone must submit a new inquiry each season for review. 

Consideration will be given to local retailers in the market footprint, who inquire, offering them the opportunity to use the street space in front of their business.  They are given a deadline to respond. This sets the stage for what locations we will have available for others.

During this same time, we will be reviewing inquiries from previous and new participants.  If selected to receive an invitation at this time, they will also be given a deadline to respond and complete their application process. If there is no response by the required deadline, their inquiry will go on a waiting list, and others will be considered.

3.   Guidelines for Category Selections:
Our policy includes limiting the number of vendors represented in any one category. Should the response from our first group of invitations enable us to fill some categories by the deadline outlined, then those categories will be considered full for the season.  If this does not happen, then newly submitted inquiries will be reviewed with new selections made, followed by invitations to those selected.  This policy has allowed us to introduce new vendors each year and helps to keep the market fresh and interesting.  All inquiries remain on a list for the season, and should things change in any category, will be considered for participation.

4.  Participation and Payment Policy:
If selected to receive an invitation, you may choose the dates you are able to attend.  All chosen market dates must be pre-booked with the application process.  This process requires a pre-payment plan, in place, with your application, for all the dates you choose. 

*Minimum attendance is 3 market dates. In order to secure participation, payment for 3 dates is required with your application and is nonrefundable.  

Payment options are outlined on the application forms. 

We do not accept payments on market night and do not have a Drop in Policy

The Market fee is $65.00 per night. This includes all taxes and liability insurance.

Market space size is 10ft x 10ft. 

Inquiries are only accepted by email.

We look forward to receiving your Inquiry Information. These guidelines and policies apply to all categories.  Should we require further information, we will contact you.